About IranHMK

The cooperative company started its activities in 2016 with the aim of meeting the needs and problems of the rehabilitation industry and the equipment of the elderly, disabled and veterans of the country with the registration number 1612 and the registered ID 14006191646.

The main goal of this company is first to identify the needs of the domestic rehabilitation industry and the equipment of the elderly, disabled and veterans, and then to search in the world markets and advanced countries to model the products available to meet these needs. In this regard, many of the products made in this company are done by modeling the same foreign samples and by making some changes in the direction of localization.

Obviously, the cost of finished products is much lower compared to similar foreign samples, and the company is working hard to maintain the quality of its products. Many of the products of this company were first designed and manufactured in Iran and patented as an invention.


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پروانه تولید بالابر بیمار
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پروانه تولید ویلچر الکتریکی
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Hamyar Mechanic Kousha Company

The first specialized accelerators in the field of rehabilitation technologies in Iran, holder of an official permit from the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology, innovator and organizer of Startup event in the field of rehabilitation technologies for elderly, disabled, and war veterans at the same time of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities for the purpose of supporting the innovative ideas in the field of rehabilitation technologies and supporting the disabled idea owners

Board of Directors

Dr. Hamed Moayeri

CEO and Chairman of the Board

(faculty member)

Nazila Moayeri

Administrative Director - Financial

(nursing expert)

Engineer Masoud Deylami

Design Manager

Engineer Arezou Emami

Director of International Relations

(Master of Science in World Studies, University of Tehran & Master of Aerospace Engineering, Amirkabir Uneversity in Tehran)