Vertical Lift

145,000,000 to 200,000,000 tomans

Vertical Lift

The vertical lifting device is the best option for moving people with wheelchairs. Click here to learn about the price, features and specifications of the vertical lifting device and to buy it.

145,000,000 to 200,000,000 tomans

    • Up to 6-Meter Transportation Capability
    • Two Stops – getting on and getting off locations
    • Weight Capacity 300 kg
    • Mechanical Fall Arrest Systems
    • Installing Chassis without a Need for Demolition
    • Control Chassis on Device and Remote Control
    • Steel Body Coated with Electrostatic Color
    • Stainless Planted Steel Rail
    • Installing Automatic Door on the Plate or at the Beginning or at the End of the Route

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Familiarity with vertical lift
In different buildings, they use all kinds of devices to easily move patients and disabled people. Among these devices, we can mention the vertical stair lift. Vertical lifts are devices that occupy much less space than stair lifts, and they can also be used without occupying the space of the stairs. These devices have a very large floor or plate on which electric or manual wheelchairs can be placed. Also, this product uses battery power so that it can be used in different environments for moving patients and the elderly. Stay with us to learn more about the features and specifications of this practical product.

Advantages of buying a vertical lifting device
The comfort and convenience of the disabled, disabled patients and the elderly is an issue that all people should pay attention to. These people have a lot of problems to use the stairs in different buildings, and therefore it is necessary to make it easier for these people to use the stairs by using products such as vertical lift. At the entrance of many government buildings, banks, universities and other public buildings, there are stairs on which it is not possible to install a stair lift. If possible, the vertical lift product can be easily installed next to the entrance of these buildings. In general, buying this device has many advantages that we will get to know.

The possibility of carrying patients and the elderly weighing up to 700 kg
One of the most important and best advantages of buying a vertical lift is the ability to carry patients and the elderly up to 700 kg. In fact, the normal version of this product can bear up to 300 kg and the upgraded version can bear up to 700 kg. This is very important. Because people generally sit on the floor of this device with their wheelchairs and companions, whose total weight can easily exceed 250 kg.

Easy transfer of patients and the elderly
Using the stairs is very difficult and in some cases completely impossible for the sick, disabled and elderly. Therefore, one of the main advantages of buying a vertical lift is the possibility of moving this group of people without bearing any pressure. Also, people with wheelchairs can use this device to climb the stairs alone and without the help of other people. If you plan to make your building a better environment for people with disabilities or the elderly, buying a Kosha mechanical assistant vertical lift can be a very ideal option for you.

Possibility of installation in all environments
Another advantage of buying a lifter from Hamyar Mechanic Kosha is the possibility of installing it in all environments. People do not need any demolition to install this device in their building and they can easily install their vertical lift. It should be noted that this product can be installed on all types of walls such as stone, brick and cement walls.

The ability to move in different environments for quick access
There are four big wheels installed in the vertical legs of Hamiyar Mechanic Kosha so that people can move these devices in different environments. For example, if your building has two separate entrances, you can move this device between both entrances so that patients, elderly and disabled people can easily enter your building. Another advantage of this feature is the ability to store this product in a garage or warehouse to prevent theft or damage.

The possibility of using vertical lift in the open space
The best and strongest steel alloys are used in the construction of Hamiyar Mechanik Kosha's vertical lift. Also, the color coating of this product is electrostatic. Therefore, this product can be safely used outdoors. Because the body of this product is well resistant to environmental conditions such as sunlight and humidity, and there is no damage to the body or parts of the product.

The possibility of moving patients up to a height of 4.5 meters
The ability to move patients up to a height of 4.5 meters is another attractive advantage of buying a vertical lift. Because this product can be used in different buildings with any height. Many adaptation equipments are not able to cover this high height and cannot move patients up to a height of 4.5 meters with them.

Features and technical specifications of vertical lift
Hamiyar Mechanical Kosha vertical lift has a diverse set of attractive features and good technical specifications. For example, all the metal parts of this product are made of steel alloys so that in addition to high impact resistance, it can withstand up to 700 kg of weight. One of the most important and attractive features of this product is that this device does not require electricity to lift patients or the elderly.

A large battery is installed in this product so that people can use it in any situation. In general, the vertical lift occupies a space of about 186 x 178 cm. Among other features and technical specifications of this product, the following can be mentioned:

Having an electrostatic paint coating

It has a remote control for remote control

It has a valid and unconditional one-year warranty

The possibility of making changes to its page at the customer's request

Having an electric jack drive system

Having an automatic cut-off system to prevent possible problems

Other vertical lift applications
In general, the main use of vertical lifts is to use these products to move patients, disabled people, people with wheelchairs, and the elderly. This product is much more powerful and capable of bearing more weight than lifters 

It has a step and it can be installed next to the stairs without the need to destroy it.

Buying a vertical lifting device from Hamyar Mechanic Kosha
Kosha Mechanic Assistant Group is one of the top manufacturers and sellers of rehabilitation equipment and products for the elderly. Also, our collection produces very efficient equipment in the field of customization. Vertical lift is one of the best-selling products of Kosha Mechanical Assistant, which has unique features. This product comes with a one-year unconditional warranty and five years of after-sales service. You can also buy this product in installments from our collection. Finally, it should be mentioned that this product comes with a seven-day return guarantee if you are not satisfied, so that you can feel at ease about buying one of the best customization products.


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In places where elevators or ramps are not installed due to stairs and differences in height, vertical lifts can be used to improve transportation. With the help of this device, people in wheelchairs, mothers with strollers, elderly people and veterans can travel easily.

Hamyar's vertical lifts are designed and built in a completely customized way based on the dimensions and space required in the environment.

It can be installed and used in mobile model lifts up to 2 meters and in models installed in the environment up to 4 meters.

On the page of each product, there is an introduction catalog and product details.

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