Wheelchair Stair Lift

140,000,000 to 200,000,000 Tomans

Wheelchair Stair Lift

The price and purchase of a wheelchair model stair lift Enter the website to view the price, specifications, application and benefits of the wheelchair model stair lift.

140,000,000 to 200,000,000 Tomans

Made of High-Strength Steel Alloys
    Occupied Space: 30 cm in fold-up mode – and 110 cm in open mode
    Can be Installed on Various Types of Stairs, Wall, and Railings without the Need for any Demolition
    Weight Capacity 150 kg
    Adjustable height and angle based on the stair type – no need for surveying
    Possibility to Install a Plate to Support 360-degree Rotation
    Automatic Folding
    Automatic Steel Shield
    Emergency Stop Button and Warning Light
    Automatic Folding Ramp
    Remote Control
    Multiple Remote Control Duplicates

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wheelchair model stair lift; Suitable for easy movement of disabled people through the stairs
One of the biggest problems of elderly and disabled patients is using stairs to move around buildings. The wheelchair stair lift is a product that this group of people can use to go up or down the stairs without pressure and in the safest conditions, using their wheelchair. This product supplies its required power from city electricity and has a very good efficiency. Be with us to get to know this stair lift model and buy it from Kosha's mechanic partner.

Getting to know the wheelchair model stair lift
Elderly and sick people who use wheelchairs have many problems to use the stairs. For example, this group of people need several companions to go up or down the stairs. In many cases, this condition does not exist. On the other hand, many old houses do not have elevators, and elderly or sick people have to use stairs to move around their house. Therefore, this group of people need a product that makes it easy for them to use the stairs.

The wheelchair stair lift is a product that sick or elderly people with wheelchairs can use to go up or down the stairs easily. In this product, a very large screen is installed that people can go to with a wheelchair and then go up or down the stairs of the building using the keys installed on the lift panel.

What are the advantages of buying a wheelchair stair lift?
Buying a wheelchair model stair lift has many advantages, including easy and safe transportation of the elderly and sick people, the ability to install it on all types of stairs, and no need to get off the wheelchair to use the stairs. By buying this product, you can guarantee the well-being of your elderly or sick life. Because it is almost impossible for people in wheelchairs to use the stairs, and in many cases these people cannot leave the house for a long time. In the following, we will get to know the advantages of buying a wheelchair model stair lift.

Easy and safe transportation of elderly and sick people
It can be said that the most important advantage of buying a wheelchair stair lift is the possibility of easy transfer of the elderly and wheelchair patients. With this product, you can easily place your patients or the elderly on the built-in screen and take them up or down the stairs with a wheelchair. It should be noted that this product has a protective bar to take care of the patient during transportation. You can also remotely control the elevator going up or down.

Can be installed in many stairways and buildings
As you know, there are different types of stairs such as wooden, glass and stone. The good news is that the wheelchair stair lift can be easily installed on all types of stairs so that sick or elderly people can easily use this product to go up or down the stairs. It is worth mentioning that the wheelchair lift can be installed on long or short stairs, and this product has no limitations in this regard.

The possibility of moving the lift in case of a change of location
Many elderly and sick people live in rented houses and for this reason, they refrain from installing a lift in their staircase. In the case of the wheelchair stair lift, the diligent mechanic assistant allows users to easily remove it from the staircase and then install it in another new building. Therefore, it can be said that one of the main advantages of buying a wheelchair lift is the possibility of moving it after installation.

No need for the patient to get off the wheelchair to use the stairs
As it is clear from the name of this product, people do not need to get off their wheelchair to use the wheelchair lift. The screen installed on this device has very large dimensions and you can put all kinds of electric or manual wheelchairs on it. Also, companions of disabled people can also move this product remotely using the remote control.

Specifications and technical features of the wheelchair stair lift
One of the most important features of the wheelchair stair lift is the use of very strong steel alloys in the construction of this product. This product can bear weight up to 150 kg in normal samples and up to 200 kg in order samples. The screen of this lift can rotate 360 degrees and people can get off it easily. Among other technical features and specifications of this product, we can mention the ability to automatically fold, have a warning light, the possibility of installation without destruction, automatic steel protection. It is worth noting that this product occupies 30 cm of the staircase in the closed state and 110 cm in the open state.

Know the use of wheelchair stair lifts
Wheelchair stair lifts are used in many buildings. You can buy this product to improve the well-being and comfort of your elderly or disabled patients. Also, offices and organizations can also install this elevator model on their stairs to increase the satisfaction of their customers. It should be noted that if you want to use this product in public stairways, the wheelchair stair lift is also available with a control system with a fingerprint or a four-digit code so that people's access to it is limited. Among the applications of the wheelchair stair lift in different environments, the following can be mentioned:

Government offices such as banks and organizations

Our commercial buildings

Nand passages and goods

Universities and public and private educational environments

Buying a wheelchair model stair lift from Kosha Mechanics
The wheelchair model stair lift is one of the best-selling products of Kosha Hamyar Mechanics Company. Our group has started its activity since 2015 in the field of producing rehabilitation products and equipment needed by the elderly. By purchasing this product, you can give comfort to the elderly and wheelchair patients. The installation of this product does not require the destruction of the staircase and is installed in the shortest possible time. The safety of Kosha Mechanic Assistant wheelchair lift is very high and you can safely use it to move your patients and the elderly. To buy this product, just contact our sales experts or buy it from our website.

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This lift model can be used for the easy transfer of people in wheelchairs, mothers with strollers, and for general transfer and movement on the stairs in places that are not suitable.

The assistant wheelchair occupies 30 cm of space in the closed state and 110 cm in the standby state.

Kosha Mechanic Co., Ltd. has the ISO13485 standard certificate, as well as the stair lift test certificate based on the INSO22391-2 standard. All products of this collection have a one-year unconditional guarantee and 10-year after-sales service.

On the page of each product, there is an introduction catalog and product details.

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