pool lift

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pool lift

With the help of Hamyar swimming pool lift, people with limited mobility, the elderly and people who for any reason are not able to move to the pool environment on their own can be transferred to the depth of the water.

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بالابر استخری
بالابر استخری
قیمت بالابر استخری
بالابر استخری تهران
خرید بالابر استخر
خرید بالابر استخری

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Hamiyar pool lift application

Transferring people with limited mobility into the swimming pool environment is one of the main uses of the pool lifting device, which is usually either for fun and improving mental conditions or for therapeutic applications such as physiotherapy and hydrotherapy.

The aim of this topic is often the new methods of hydrotherapy and physiotherapy, which can benefit from its extensive benefits.

The installation of this device is done simply by screws and requires very little space from the pool environment.

Hamiyar swimming pool lift is very easy to use, as by pressing the remote control, the seat automatically moves into the water, and then due to the weightlessness in the water, the person can easily get out of the chair and perform therapeutic exercises. to do

This device has a back-up battery so that the pool lift can still be used when the power goes out.

The height of the seat and footrest can be adjusted so that it can be personalized with any situation.

Weight bearing up to 120 kg

With backup battery

Waterproof and corrosion resistant

Easy installation by screws

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