Toilet mobile chair

29,430,000 Tomans

Toilet mobile chair

Price and purchase of mobile toilet seat Enter the site to see the price, features and specifications of the toilet mobile chair.

29,430,000 Tomans

Easy transportation of patients and the elderly to the toilet and bathroom
Ability to easily separate parts and transfer to another environment
Washable, has an electrostatic oven color
It has a valve and toilet compartment
Can be used as a wheelchair and mobile lift
Made of steel and aluminum alloy in customized versions
It has an electrostatic paint coating, rustproof
The ability to transfer a patient weighing 120 kg
Charging with city electricity and 5 amp battery
Rechargeable and remote control
With remote control and charge display
Removable and washable seat cover
Dimensions: 57 x 90 cm with a height of 100 cm
with a minimum height of 40 cm in the seat and a maximum of 70 cm (30 cm lift jack course)

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Getting to know the toilet seat
  Many patients and the elderly cannot use the bathroom easily without the help of a nurse. Because sitting on the toilet is very difficult for some of them and almost impossible for others. The mobile toilet seat is a product that the elderly and patients can easily use the toilet. It is also possible to install a toilet container under the sole of this product so that patients and the elderly can use this chair as a toilet. Stay with us to get to know the benefits, features and applications of this functional rehabilitation product and buy it from Kosha Mechanical Assistant.

The benefits of buying a toilet seat
Using the toilet in different environments is one of the main concerns of patients and the elderly. Because of this, many of these people have to defecate in their bed or resting place, which has many health problems. If patients and the elderly can easily go to the toilet and defecate by purchasing a mobile toilet seat.

Buying this product has many advantages such as being portable, easy to carry patients and the elderly to the toilet and bathroom. If you want your patient or the elderly to use the bathroom easily, you can buy this practical and efficient product from Kosha Mechanic Assistant with a valid one-year warranty. We get to know the most important advantages of buying a mobile toilet chair.

Easy transportation of patients and the elderly to toilets and bathrooms
The main advantage of buying a mobile toilet seat is to make it easier to carry patients and the elderly to toilets and bathrooms. Because these people cannot go to the toilet or bathroom with their feet and need an assistive device. If the wheelchairs and other equipment do not work properly in the toilets and the patients and the elderly have to move from the wheelchairs to the toilet, which is very difficult and exhausting for them. Mobile toilet seats help people to use the toilet or wash their bathroom easily without the need of a nurse.

to be portable
As it is clear from the name of the mobile toilet chair, this chair is portable and can be easily carried for use in other environments. This diligent mechanic assistant product has the ability to separate parts, and people can easily separate the parts of this product from each other to make it easy to transfer to other environments. It should be noted that the weight of this product is only 35 kg and all people can carry it. If the portability of the toilet seat is important to you, you can buy this product from Kosha's website with five years of after-sales service.

Possibility of complete washing of all parts
Since the mobile toilet seat is used in polluted environments and requires continuous washing, people can wash all parts of this product. It should be noted that the electrical unit and electronic parts of this device are not washable and cannot be washed with water.

It is possible to install the toilet compartment on the floor of the seat
In many cases, toilets are not available for the elderly and patients to defecate. For this reason, a toilet compartment can be installed on the bottom of this product. This compartment is similar to the portable toilet bowls in hospitals, which is installed in the middle of the cavity of the seat. People can empty this bowl after defecating the sick or the elderly.

Can be used as a wheelchair or mobile lift chair
One of the best and most attractive advantages of buying a mobile bathroom chair is the possibility of using this product as a wheelchair or lift chair. At the base of this device, there are four large wheels that people can easily move the chair on the ground. In fact, this chair can be used as a temporary wheelchair. On the other hand, the toilet seat can be adjusted in height. People can change the height of the seat by using the keys installed on this device. It should be noted that the power needed to change the height of the seat is supplied by a five-amp battery that is charged with city electricity.

Features and technical specifications of the toilet mobile chair
The customized version of the mobile toilet chair of Hamyar Mechanik Kosha is made with very strong steel and aluminum alloys so that it can withstand the weight of different people. This product can support people weighing 120 kg and its aluminum parts are resistant to rust. Also, in this product, electrostatic paint coating is used for greater resistance to moisture. It should be noted that the seat cover of this product is also removable and washable. The dimensions of the portable toilet seat of Kosha Mechanic Assistant are as follows:

Width 57 cm

Length 90 cm

Height 100 cm

Other uses of toilet seats
As mentioned, the use of the portable toilet chair is not limited to transferring the elderly and patients to the toilet or bathroom and has many other uses. For example, you can use this product as a lift chair or a temporary wheelchair. This product can be used in many places such as hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and physiotherapy to ensure the comfort and well-being of patients and the elderly.

Buying a toilet mobile chair from Kosha Mechanic Co
Collection hamyar Mechanik Kosha is one of the oldest and most reliable companies producing and selling rehabilitation equipment for the elderly. The mobile toilet seat is one of the best-selling products in our collection, which you can buy from Hamyar Mechanic Kosha website. This product comes with a one-year unconditional warranty and five years of after-sales service. It is also possible to purchase this product in installments from Hamiyar Mechanic Kosha. By purchasing this product, you can have it delivered to your door or health center for free.

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In general, easy and quick transfer from surfaces such as bed to toilet, which can be easily solved by automatic height adjustment.

The dimensions of the lift are such that it passes through most of the door frames and is 55 cm in size.

Yes, the body of the lift is coated with electrostatic paint, which is resistant to moisture, and there is no need to sit the patient on the toilet, and washing can be done on the lift itself.

On the page of each product, there is an introduction catalog and product details.

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