Patient Lifting Hoists

35,700,000 Tomans

Patient Lifting Hoists

The price and purchase of a crane-type patient lift suitable for the home environment Log in to the site to see the price, specifications and application of the crane model patient lift.

35,700,000 Tomans

• Foldable
    • Suitable for transporting the patient to bed, wheelchair, car, bathroom and the like
    • Transfer the patient to three positions: lying, sitting and standing
    • Lift from floor and over high beds
    • Height change up to 180 cm
    • Rechargeable and remote control
    • 70 to 150 transfers with each device per charge
    • Electrostatic coating

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Getting to know the crane model patient lift
One of the biggest problems of nurses and companions of disabled patients and people with disabilities is the difficulty of transferring these patients from different levels such as beds or chairs. It is very difficult to move this group of patients; Because disabled patients cannot move their body parts and nurses and attendants have to move these patients with difficulty. The crane model patient lifter is a product that helps people in moving this category of patients. Using this product, people can move disabled patients in the safest possible position without putting pressure on their body.

The patient crane lift has an advanced belt that is installed on the patient's body, and then nurses can transfer patients from different levels using a remote control. Stay with us to get to know the advantages and technical specifications of this practical product and buy it from Hamyar Mechanic Kosha.

Benefits of buying a crane model patient lift
Buying a crane-type patient lift has many advantages, the main of which is increasing the comfort and convenience of disabled patients. The pressure of unprincipled transfer to the body of these patients can have many risks for them and also make the work of their nurses difficult. By purchasing this product, nurses' work will be easier and patients will no longer bear the pressure of unprincipled transportation. We get to know the most important advantages of buying a crane-type patient lift.

The possibility of transferring the patient crane to different environments
Kosha Mechanic Assistant patient crane has collapsible capability and is so-called portable. This feature helps people to use this product in different places. It is also possible to use a crane-type patient lift in different rooms of a building. For example, in hospitals, this product can be used to move patients in different rooms and departments of the hospital. If you have a rehabilitation center or care for patients, buying this product is a very suitable option for you.

Ability to transfer patients from different levels
People can transfer patients from different levels using a crane-type patient lift. Because this product has the ability to adjust the height and the height of the crane can be changed to transfer patients from different levels. For example, you can use this product to transfer patients from the floor to their beds. It should be noted that the patient crane can also be used to keep the patient at a certain height so that the nurses can change his clothes or feed him.

The possibility of bathing the patient with a crane-type patient lift
One of the biggest advantages of buying a patient crane is the possibility of bathing patients using this product. The crane-type patient lift of Hamyar Mechanik Kosha Company is provided to customers with a special bathing belt so that people can bathe their patients using the product. It is very difficult to wash disabled or disabled patients, and using a patient crane is a suitable option for bathing these patients.

Increasing comfort and convenience of the patient during transfer
As mentioned, one of the main problems of disabled or disabled patients is moving at different levels. For example, this category of patients cannot get up from their bed or move in different parts of the house or hospital environment. If by purchasing a crane-type patient lift, these people can easily move to different parts of the house or hospital without having to endure pain or pressure. It should be noted that the belt of this product is very comfortable and covers the whole body of the patient. This makes the patient not feel any pain or pressure when moving with the lift.

Reducing the costs of maintaining disabled patients
Transferring disabled patients and people with disabilities is very sensitive and complex. Therefore, people should use specialist nurses to move their patients. Also, improper transfer can cause injury to the patient. All these things increase the costs of maintaining disabled patients or people with disabilities. If you buy a crane-type patient lift, you can easily move your patient without the need for a nurse.

Features and technical specifications of the crane model patient lift
The crane model patient lift structure is very simple and consists of a base, column and belt. The base of this product has four wheels so that patients can be moved easily using these wheels. All parts of this product are made of strong steel alloy to have high resistance. The patient crane lifter can bear between 130 and 160 kg of weight, the exact amount of which depends on the type of product. People can change the height of this product up to 180 cm, and it can be used to perform rehabilitation and physiotherapy exercises on disabled patients or disabled people. It should be noted that this product supplies its power from the battery and people can use it without connecting to the direct current of city electricity. Other features of this product include the following:

Having a control box for precise control of the crane

Electrostatic furnace paint with high wear resistance

High battery charging capacity (possibility of 70 to 150 transfers with each charge)

  The possibility of transferring the patient from the ground to different levels

The weight of 37 kg is very light, foldable and portable

Other applications of the crane model lift

The crane-type patient lift is not only used in the homes of sick or disabled people. Rather, this product can be used in different environments such as nursing homes, hospitals, and rehabilitation or physiotherapy centers. In many of these centers, traditional methods are used to transfer patients, which have many risks. If you buy this product, you can easily move patients on different levels in these centers without risk of injury.

Buying a crane-type patient lift from Hamyar Mechanic Kosha
Patients and disabled people need devices that solve many of their problems. Because these people have to constantly deal with the pains and problems of their disease and other problems such as problems in moving can be very annoying for them. By purchasing a crane-type patient lift, you can gift comfort and well-being to your patient or make your health center patients happy. Hamiyar Mechanic Kosha is one of the best manufacturers of all kinds of rehabilitation equipment for the elderly and you can buy this functional product directly from this reputable company.

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With this device, people with limited mobility, the elderly, and patients can be moved from difficult surfaces such as beds, wheelchairs, the ground, cars, and similar items.

One of the main applications of the patient lifting device is the transfer and relocation of people with different movement restrictions, but other applications can be mentioned for performing physical therapy exercises, occupational therapy, helping the patient stand, changing diapers, etc.

Hamiyar Mechanical Kosha Company has always tried to respect the opinions and suggestions of its customers in the design and improvement of its products in order to obtain customer satisfaction, and for this reason, most of the production devices of this company have different dimensions compared to the examples in the market. And it is designed with less weight and better design elegance. Also, the Hamyar patient lift has the ability to be folded in the form of a manual mechanism so that the occupied space can be easily reduced and it can be moved to another environment with the least effort.

On the page of each product, there is an introduction catalog and product details.

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